"No, I don’t think you understand," Thomas pressed, "It’s so cold my motorbike won’t start.”

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"That's for you to figure out and for me to enjoy. Hit me with your best shot Jacky." - S.A.

"Give me a clue?"


those otps where one lives a normal lifespan and the other will live for centuries



What would happen if OUAT fans tried to sit down and have a dinner together.

#Disaster Dinner.

epimetheus faceclaim?


As a matter of curiosity. I was rewatching the Once episode with Medusa which made me start wondering about the rest of mythology. I used to play Epimetheus in a roleplay group a few months back, but I was wondering what you guys thought as far as faceclaims go. Basically he’s the Titan of Hindsight, and The Father of Excuses. He’s brother to Prometheus, and you can read a little blurb here.


          “Why… why didn’t you come home sooner?” The way he spoke, was innocent and maybe even slightly sad but not angry.  He talked as if Jack had a home with Wyatt and his mother and in Wyatt’s head, there was.  Therefor Jack always had a home with his son, after all he constantly used to ask when Daddy was coming home, to them.  It never really happened, not until now and though he was surprised and in awe, he knew that if they didn’t get out he’d never see his dad again.  Wyatt obviously was not accepting that, he finally got a face to go with the name ‘dad’, so if someone wanted to take him away from Jack now.  They were going to lose a hand for it.

          Without receiving an answer, he followed along as fast as he could, only to see the people come off the elevator.  Their faces became plastered with shock within the few moments it took for the ice wall to rise, and though Wyatt wanted to learn how to do that instead of throw ice pellets and shards at people, as well as freeze floors he knew they had little to no time to think about it.  “T-This way I think!” Stated the little brunet, tugging on his hand softly before he saw a guard, and the little boy understood that the little yellow and black thing that looked like a gun was bad.  He was aiming at Jack and Wyatt saw little sparks of electricity come out of the front of it, before Wyatt yanked with all the strength he had, and pulled him down behind one of the nurses station counters were in the hall.  

         Once they snuck the opposite way, able to heard the doctors pounding on the ice Jack had put up earlier, the teenager lead Wyatt to a staircase which the brunet hurriedly padded his bare feet down, alarms throughout the whole building going off now and it scared the boy who stopped and covered his ears at the noise of it.  He heard the question just before they went off but had no chance to answer it.  He’d never been to IHOP, he’d only been to Perkins or to this restaurant called the Hot Plate with little chopped up potatoes bits that Wyatt likes to put in ketchup.

          Something inside Wyatt reacted to the noise piercing his ears and as he yelled out to turn it off, ice shot off of his body and hit the source of the noise, sparks flying off the walls in reaction to the impact.  Now that the noise had stopped, though he could hear it on the other floors he looked to Jack.  “I didn’t mean to break it,” said the boy because most of his life his mother told him not to use his powers, because if someone found out.  Something like this exact situation would happen.  “Don’t tell momma okay?”


"You’ve got to understand… It wasn’t that easy, Wyatt. I couldn’t just come home. I don’t have a home.” It was true. For centuries over Jack had wandered the world but never once had he ever belonged somewhere. He was just the boy who didn’t have a home. Jack never thought that if he had come to Alana and Wyatt he could have been welcomed with open arms. Ever since he had runaway as a boy, he didn’t think he had the choice of returning. As he was speaking, he wasn’t paying attention, or he would have noticed the guard’s attempt to disable him. Luckily, Wyatt did. Jack breathed heavily realizing he needed to be more attentive.

"I promise, Momma will never know," he said, smiling reassuringly at his son. "And y’know, that was pretty good, kiddo." Sure, the ice was rough and splintering, but had Jack been any better when he first got his powers? Of course not. The point was, it accomplished what needed to be done. "When we get home, I’ll show you how to use it ever better, yeah?" The two sets of bare feet treaded quickly over the concrete escape staircase. The blonde boy’s feet had soles that were rough and callused and weren’t bothered by the abrasive stone, but Jack could tell this wasn’t the case with Wyatt. Even if the cold didn’t bother him, the sandpaper like texture had to rub the small boy’s feet the wrong way.

Jack put a hand on Wyatt’s shoulder, and then crouched down. “Hop on my back,” he said, nodding towards it, still hunched over. He used to give his sister piggy packs like this, and he smiled wistfully at the memory. “We’ll be out of here soon.” He held out his hands to give the boy a boost. Realizing they didn’t have much time though, he hastily pulled the boy up. Again, they were moving, Jack running as fast as he could. The red glow of the exit sign shone from the bottom floor, just a few flights down. We’ve got this, Jack told himself as he propelled himself towards the exit, We’ve got this. 

         Don’t you get it?
                            There’s   d a r k n e s s   in his eyes ]
                                                    and   i c e   in his heart ]
         He cannot love.
                              It’s part of   t h e   r i d d l e   of his being ]


peter pan in every episode → dark hollow (3x7)